Selecting The Right Portable Greenhouse Heater

For an individual who enjoys gardening or growing their own crops, the end of the fall season and the winter season can be a difficult time.  This is because during this time of the year it is difficult to cultivate plant life.

However, there is a structure available on the market that will help individuals prolong the growing season or give the gardener a head start on the new growing season.  That particular structure that may match the need of the gardener is by building a portable greenhouse.

Before looking into the option of building a portable greenhouse unit it is important to consider a number of options.  One of those options includes the choice of the portable greenhouse heater.

Gas Portable Greenhouse Heater

One of the portable greenhouse heaters that are available on the market for gardeners to utilize in a greenhouse is the gas portable greenhouse heater.  As the name implies this particular heating system utilizes natural gas as the energy source.

The basic difference between the heaters that are selected is the cost of the energy source that is used.  For example in some communities it may be more expensive to operate electricity, while in some other communities it maybe less or more expensive to utilize natural gas.  Therefore, if the individual does not have a preference either one way or the other with the fuel source that they use, they may choose to go the less expensive route.

However, it is important to note that if the portable greenhouse heater of choice requires the use of gas one must be safety conscious when it comes to utilizing such a heater.  One such safety concern would be whether of the heater that is purchased is a vented or non vented heater.  Subsequently, before using a non-vented heater it is important that one check with local officials before installing such a heater in a structure.

Additionally, if deciding on a portable greenhouse heater that utilizes gas it is important that one is aware of the needs of the plants that are being cultivated in the greenhouse.  For example there are certain plants that will be adversely affected if the non-vented heater is selected.  Examples of those types of sensitive plants that could be affected by a non-vented portable greenhouse heater utilizing gas are a begonia or an orchid.

Electric Portable Greenhouse Heater

The other common type of portable greenhouse heater that is used operates through electricity.  As with any portable greenhouse heater it is important that any particular unit produce the optimum amount of British thermal units.  The British thermal unit or BTU is the measurement of heat that is produced by any heat generating appliance.

This is important because there must be a certain level of warmth produced by the heater in order to maintain the health of the plants in the greenhouse.  Therefore, if the right electrical is not purchase is may be too powerful, which would be a waster of money or if the unit is not powerful enough the plants may be damaged.

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