Considerations To Selecting The Right Portable Greenhouse Kit

For individuals who love to work with plants, late fall and winter can be extremely difficult times of the year.  This is because these particular times of the year are not conducive to cultivating plants.

Fortunately, there is a solution for cultivating plants late in the season and getting a head start on the growing season.  This can be accomplished by investing in a portable greenhouse kit.

If considering a portable greenhouse kit it is important to keep in mind certain features.  Those features that should be considered before purchasing a portable greenhouse kit are its ease of setup and the quality of the cover.

Ease Of Setup

One of the first important considerations when wishing to purchase a portable greenhouse kit is the ease of setup.  This consideration is essential because not many individuals are knowledgeable nor do they have the time to spend a lot of effort in building the portable greenhouse.

Therefore, individuals are looking for kits that are easy to erect so that they can go about the important business of caring for plants.  Subsequently, when looking for a portable greenhouse kit it is important to know what tools are required, if any.  For example, does it require screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, etc.?

As equally important, it is significant to understand how difficult the process is in disassembling the portable greenhouse kit.  Also, for some individuals, storage space maybe a premium.  Therefore, it is essential to know that once the unit is to be stored, how much storage space the greenhouse will need.

Quality Of The Cover

In addition to the ease of setup and disassembling of the small portable greenhouse, it is important to select a quality unit.  Generally, this quality is based upon the cover that extends over frame.

Therefore, it is central to look for a cover that allows the proper light to enter the unit as well as providing the proper UV protection for the plants that are being grown.  Generally, a quality cover will have at least an 80% light transmission.  In addition, it’s important to control condensation.  Therefore a quality cover will be made from a material that will limit condensation within the unit.

Finally, the covering should have openings built within the design of the greenhouse cover.  Specifically, the cover should have a doorway for an entrance as well as windows that are screened.  These screened openings will allow for ventilation and prevent insects from entering the greenhouse.

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