Characteristic Of An Easy To Use Portable Greenhouse

There are a number of associated benefits as to why individuals or families would want to grow their own produce.  Some of those benefits would include a safety factor and knowing how the food was grown.  Additionally, it may be cheaper.

Also, in order to prolong the growing season or getting an early start on a growing season, one may wish to invest in a portable greenhouse.  If so, there are certain features that a portable greenhouse should incorporate.  Those features should include the style of cover, ease of assembly and storage.

Portable Greenhouse Cover

A portable greenhouse is a structure that is available on the market and is designed for those who enjoy gardening.  It literally is a structure that maintains an environment that is conducive to the growth of plants.  Specifically, it maintains the proper temperature, protects the plants from harmful elements such as the wind and maintains the proper moisture.

To ensure that the portable greenhouse provides these essential performances, it is critcal that the cover of the portable greenhouse be well constructed. Therefore, there are certain qualities to the roof that should be incorporated.

Those qualities should include the material that the cover should be made from.  Generally, the cover should be durable, provide for light to enter, offer UV protection and minimize condensation.  Also, the cover should be constructed so that there is a door and windows that are screened.

In addition, the windows and the doors should have the option of being secured.  Often this can be accomplised through lightweight fasteners.

Ease Of Assembly

Another important option to consider when selecting a portable greenhouse kit is the ease in which the portable greenhouse can be assembled.  For example some portable greenhouses can be taken out of the shipping cartons and assembled quickly.  Usually, this process takes less than one hour and requires no tools.

Other easily portable greenhouse kits simply require the unit to be taken out of the box and erected by simply pulling up on the frame.  Once in place a bar that stabilizes the unit is placed appropriately.  Once the frame is in place the cover is then draped over the frame.
Ease Of Storage

In addition to the ease of assembly, an individual who is considering a portable greenhouse may wish to consider storage once the unit is dismantled.  Considerations in regards to ease of storage should include the compact size once the unit is taken down and how much space is required for its storage.

Often portable units can be simply be removing the stabilizing bar and depressing any levers to allow the unit to collapse.  Additionally, these units simply are inserted in the durable cover which can act like a storage bag.

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