Build A Portable Greenhouse Using Two Methods

If an individual, who enjoys gardening or fresh produce, wishes to prolong the growing season or get an early start on the growing season they may wish to utilize a greenhouse.  A  greenhouse is a sheltering unit that controls the environmental  components needed to promote growth of plants.  Those environmental aspects include heat, water, temperature, moisture, etc.

If considering the option of building a portable greenhouse there are a number of options available.  Those options include whether to build a portable greenhouse from scratch or using a prefabricated greenhouse.

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Build A Portable Greenhouse From Scratch

One of the first options available to an individual who wishes to build a portable greenhouse is to build a portable greenhouse from scratch.  Generally, this is an involved process and takes considerable time.

This is because the individual will need to plan ahead and determine how they want to proceed.  For example, there will need to be a plan put into place on how the greenhouse will be built.  This can be accomplished by going online or to one’s favorite home improvement store and deciding on what plan to follow.  Generally, the plan that is chosen depends upon the gardening needs of the individual and where the greenhouse will be placed.  Often the basic plans will include how to construct the framing, placing a greenhouse window and door, how to fit the enclosing cover, etc.

Once the plan has been chosen, then the individual needs to purchase the necessary materials to build a portable greenhouse.  Often the material that will be needed to build a portable greenhouse is wood for the basic framing, flexible framework, such as PVC, for the greenhouse cover and the cover for the greenhouse itself.  A good material for this type of cover would be polyethylene.

The third step in the process of building a portable greenhouse is the actual construction phase.  This is accomplished over a period of time following the detailed plans and the materials that have been purchased.

Prefabricated Greenhouse

The other and simpler method of building a portable greenhouse is to build a portable greenhouse using a prefabricated kit.  These kits generally have all the building materials that are needed.

In addition, their ease of construction ranges from simple pop-up type kits to more elaborate designs which require the individual to assemble the various components together.  The beauty of prefabricated greenhouses is that all of the items needed to build a portable greenhouse are right there and no time is needed to obtain a plan or purchase the individual construction items.

One other advantage to a prefabricated greenhouse is the disassembling of the unit.  Often, is wishing to store the unit away, it can be easily taken down and stored compactly in an out of the way area within the home, garage or basement.

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