Before Buying A Portable Garden Greenhouse

Generally, the growing season for plants and crops is from the Spring time through the Fall.  However, if individuals wish to extend the growing season they may wish to invest in a structure that will allow this to happen.

That particular structure is known a portable garden greenhouse.  Before investing in such a structure, the avid gardener should conduct research.  That research should  include doing a comparison study and possibly talking to a commercial nursery.

Conducting Comparison Research

There are many portable garden greenhouses on the market today.  Some can be significantly expensive while some are very simple in nature and yet function quite nicely as a greenhouse.

First of all it is important to evaluate one’s level of interest.  For example if the portable garden greenhouse is to be used as a hobby or allow the children or grandchildren to learn about plants and planting, one may consider a modest type of portable garden greenhouse.  However, if one is dedicated to their plants and possibly relies on the product for a living or supplement their food on the table, they may wish to invest in a more expensive portable garden greenhouse.

The obvious difference between the price ranges of the two extremes of portable garden greenhouse is the way the greenhouse is constructed or the materials are used.  For example, a more expensive portable garden greenhouse may be include rain gutters, hinged doors, windows that adjust to different types of heights, the materials used for the frame, etc.

On the other hand, a cheaper version of this type of greenhouse may be a single paneled type of material that allows the sun through, less framework and intricate design, basic ventilation system, etc.

Additionally, the consumer may wish to build a portable greenhouse utilizing a framework that simply attaches together and is covered with a different type of covering that is less elaborate, but just as effective.  For example, there are covers that can be placed over a portable greenhouse that are made of polyethylene which is  reinforced and woven together for maximum sunlight to filter through as well as protecting the plants that it encases.

Other Opportunities To Explore

In addition, before making the purchase of a portable garden greenhouse, there are other ways to do one’s homework.  For example an interested consumer may wish to go to a local nursery and talk to the staff and try to learn more about portable greenhouses.  In addition, one may wish to ask for a recommendation and with that recommendation focus more closely on that particular product.  This research can be done by going online or asking other nurseries in the area to see if there is agreement.

Also, it is important to ask about other optional equipment that may be needed.  One such piece of equipment is a portable greenhouse heater.  If it is determined that this equipment is needed it is important to research what type of heater is best.  This is because the gardener wants to have the right equipment which can produce the right amount of heat.   Examples of fuel that can be utilized by various heaters include electricity, propane and gas.  If utilizing any of these heaters it is important that proper ventilation and safety measures be taken.

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