Weatherguard Portable Greenhouse


The Weatherguard Portable Greenhouse

  • Complete with cover, door and end panel
  • Three piece construction with detachable rear and front panels
  • Commercial quality Connectors and galvanized steel frame
  • The cover, end panel and doorpanel are in UV protective, waterproof, triple layer polyethylene.
  • Ventilation is provided by the large back panel screen window, and the two front panel screen windows, together with the vents at the base.
  • The optional anchor kit provides 6 anchors, drive rod. and stainless steel cable and has a 2500lbs capacity at full depth.
  • Dimensions and Weights:
    Height 6′6″
    Width 8′
    Length choice of 8′ or 12′
    Weight 101 – 134 lbs
    Ground Anchor Kit 6lbs

The Weatherguard portable greenhouse provides plenty of space to raise plants all the year round, and is ideal for the amateur greenhouse gardener.

Access is provide via the large zip door, and the zipped screen windows provide controllable ventilation.

The galvanised steel frame is strong enogh to permit hanging of baskets to maximise the use of space.

Availlable with free delivery.

Weatherguard Portable Greenhouse

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