Promote Airflow with Greenhouse Window Vents

When choosing the right greenhouse window for your needs and desires, you will need to consider the proper ventilation to promote plant growth.  Greenhouse windows with sliding operable side vents are a nice option for proper airflow, and can work wonders for your indoor garden.  But if cost is a consideration, a simple window sill greenhouse can be a very economical way to grow a garden indoors.

To Vent or Not To Vent

The primary purpose of greenhouse window vents is to prevent an excessive rise in temperature and humidity.  This is achieved by replacing the hot and humid air with ambient cooler and dryer air.  Allowing natural air to flow through your greenhouse window is one of the essential elements that will allow you to grow plants and flowers that will thrive throughout the year.

You can avoid an expensive ventilation system if you plan your greenhouse window and vents right from the start.  Most add-on greenhouse windows won’t provide you with roof vents, so you will likely need to look into getting a heating and cooling system that will add to the natural ventilation.

Proper greenhouse window vents will remove the stale indoor air of the greenhouse window and circulate it back outside.  Likewise, fresh air will circulate back into the greenhouse window, where you’re plants will make efficient use of it to thrive.  Being able to control the ventilation with the seasons will allow you to keep your plants alive and thriving all year round.  Controlling high temperatures inside your greenhouse window is an issue you will likely have to address in the summer months.  And due to the fact that temperatures inside a greenhouse window can rise above the outside air temperatures, it is important to find a ventilation system that can properly sweep necessary air over the soil.

A greenhouse window vent will allow outdoor air to be circulated within a greenhouse window, eliminating the moisture from the warm indoor air.  This means that you can avoid plant damage produced by excess humidity including leaf mold, stem rot, infection, and fungus diseases.  Most importantly, keep in mind that bringing plants indoors creates a beautiful natural green space to your living space, and you can keep your indoor gardening quite simple.  Experimenting with a simple window sill greenhouse may be the best stepping stone towards installing the ultimate greenhouse window, and most herbs are easy to grow indoors on a sunny window sill.

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