Delight your Green Thumb with a Greenhouse Window

If you enjoy growing your own herbs, flowers, and small vegetables, a greenhouse window is a great option, allowing you to do so year-round.  You can easily transform most windows into a mini-greenhouse, but kitchen greenhouse windows are the most popular.  Greenhouse windows require only a small amount of wall area and can provide a lot of light along with shelf space for plants.  A greenhouse window is designed to extend outward from the house, and is a box like structure consisting of a light transmitting top wall sloping downwardly from a rear edge, as well as light transmitting front and side walls.  You will want to consider the location for maximum sunlight, and whether you prefer a vinyl or aluminum window.

Let the Sun Shine In

A greenhouse window attached on the south or east side of your house makes the best use of natural sunlight, assuming you live in the northern hemisphere.  However, the land shape and areas surrounding your house could have an impact, so you might want to assess the morning and afternoon sunlight of the window you are interested in transforming into a greenhouse window.  If the window you have in mind is not ideal in terms of natural sunlight, you may need to consider the use of fluorescent lights.  That somewhat defeats the purpose of a greenhouse window, yet can be beneficial on rainy days.  Regardless, you will be able to add more light and space to your room with a greenhouse window, enjoy fresh herbs with your meals, and take in the incredible scents and beauty of plants throughout the year.

Vinyl or Aluminum

One of the main decisions you will have to make when choosing the right greenhouse window for you is whether you want an aluminum or vinyl window.  A vinyl window has more resistance to condensation than an aluminum window, and also has less conductivity resulting in more window heat.  A primarily aluminum greenhouse window typically has a heavy and sturdy aluminum exterior and can be nicely paired with a solid wood interior.  Vinyl greenhouse windows usually have an aluminum frame, however, for extra strength and durability.  Both aluminum exterior surfaces that are powder coated, as well as vinyl based windows require virtually no maintenance.  Both types of windows should also have rounded corners for safety and provide a clean look.  Finally, you will want to consider a greenhouse window that offers adjustable shelves.

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