Misconceptions You May Get From A Greenhouse Gardening Book

There are a lot of greenhouse gardening books that have a lot to say about putting up a greenhouse and cultivating plants in one. In spite of these knowledgeable greenhouse gardening book authors, there may be some misconceptions that readers glean from the greenhouse gardening book due to misunderstanding or a change of fact in the study of greenhouses and horticulture.

Let’s face it, facts are often swayed and debunked due to new discoveries and studies that show otherwise. A greenhouse gardening book from ten years or twenty years ago may not be as factual as it was then compared to what we know now. This is the very reason why a greenhouse gardening book, or any fact related book for that matter may need to be revised or edited for the purpose of correction.


Some of the common misconceptions gleaned from a greenhouse gardening book may be about lighting. Many books support natural light from the sun while others are advocates of supplemental lighting from lamps and compact fluorescents. In truth, both work well with plants since there are now many different light fixtures that can cover different spectra of light required by plants to thrive. Many greenhouse gardening books may lean towards natural light from the sun but it should be pointed out that light from lamps can also work as well.

The Seasons

Other common misconceptions from greenhouse gardening books may be about the season and greenhouse gardening. Most focus on winter greenhouse gardening which many a greenhouse gardening book may describe as the season in which gardeners should be vigilant with the greenhouses. In truth, summer is also a crucial month since too much heat can be as dangerous as too much cold in the greenhouse. The use of the ventilation system of the greenhouse may be necessary during the hot summer months while less necessary during the winter months.Even in cold weather some ventilation may be needed to ensure that fungus deaseases to not thrive in the humid atmisphere.

Types Of Gardening Styles

The different types of greenhouse gardening styles may also be a source of misconception in greenhouse gardening books. In hydroponic greenhouse gardening, many people believe that there is no need for something solid to which the root should hold on to but many also believe that pellets or the like should be present for plants to thrive.

These are just some of the common misconceptions that may be gleaned by readers from a greenhouse gardening book. One way to avoid this is to read updated versions of the greenhouse gardening book you have chosen to read or to ask for recommendations from your librarian regarding latest releases.

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