Greenhouse Gardening Tips For Novices

Greenhouse gardening is a fulfilling pastime or hobby that can actually occupy your entire time at home. It is fast becoming a popular way to spend time at home and there are many demands for greenhouse gardening tips which are useful and practical. There are several greenhouse gardening tips which are important to know when putting up the greenhouse itself and how to care for the plants in the greenhouse. There are also some vegetables that adapt easily to life in a greenhouse as compared to others.

The Greenhouse Location

This greenhouse gardening tip is crucial to the survival of the plants you intend to raise and cultivate in the greenhouse. The location of the greenhouse is essential since exposure to the sun is one of the most important things necessary for successful greenhouse gardening. Other things to consider are the structures and trees near the greenhouse site, do they cast shadows on the greenhouse or will growing trees eventually do so?

Another greenhouse gardening tip regarding location is to consider facing one of the long sides of the greenhouse towards the southeast or southwest since this has maximum exposure to the sun during crucial seasons.


Ventilation is necessary to alleviate the heat that sun exposure may generate in the greenhouse. One important greenhouse gardening tip is to place a thermometer in a shaded area within the greenhouse and constantly monitor the temperature especially during warm days. You may need to ventilate the greenhouse when necessary to avoid wilting of your plants due to excessive heat. Other than the right kind of ventilation you can also hose down the greenhouse floor with water to cool down the greenhouse. This is one greenhouse gardening tip that can deliver fast results. Hosing greenhouse floors also raises the humidity in the greenhouse which is also beneificial to the plants, although care must be taken as high humidity can cause problems with fungal deseases.

Vegetables That Thrive In Greenhouses

Greenhouse vegetable gardening is one reason why many people like greenhouses. They allow a reasonable amount of vegetable supplies that includes winter stores. A greenhouse gardening tip regarding what type of vegetables to grow in greenhouses includes carrots and tomatoes. These two vegetables adapt well to pots or containers and take up less space. Carrots just need deep pots while tomatoes may be trained or guided with strong twine attached to the ceiling and the pot itself.

These greenhouse gardening tips are quite useful for beginners who want to try their hand at gardening with a greenhouse. Although it may be highly similar to outdoor gardening, there are slight differences that make it more challenging and interesting at the same time.

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