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The Magic of Window Sill Greenhouses

date 26 Oct 2009 | category Greenhouse Window

If you have been craving the use of your gardening skills indoors and year round, a window sill greenhouse may just be the right solution for you.  Not only can you grow all kinds of exotic plants and herbs, you …

Promote Airflow with Greenhouse Window Vents

date 20 Oct 2009 | category Greenhouse Window

When choosing the right greenhouse window for your needs and desires, you will need to consider the proper ventilation to promote plant growth.  Greenhouse windows with sliding operable side vents are a nice option for proper airflow, and can work …

Energy Management with a Greenhouse Window Opener

date 14 Oct 2009 | category Greenhouse Window

Energy management is very important when it comes to greenhouse windows.  You will have to measure your window properly to get just the right fit; but keep in mind that some dealers say the greenhouse window can be slightly larger …

Weatherguard Portable Greenhouse


The Weatherguard Portable Greenhouse

Complete with cover, door and end panel
Three piece construction with detachable rear and front panels
Commercial quality Connectors and galvanized steel frame
The cover, …

Let in the Light with a Kitchen Greenhouse Window

date 10 Oct 2009 | category Greenhouse Window

If you like cooking with fresh herbs, and enjoy the incredible fragrance they add to your home, a kitchen greenhouse window can open a world of possibilities.  With a kitchen greenhouse window, you can bring the outdoors inside and grow …

Delight your Green Thumb with a Greenhouse Window

date 07 Oct 2009 | category Greenhouse Window

If you enjoy growing your own herbs, flowers, and small vegetables, a greenhouse window is a great option, allowing you to do so year-round.  You can easily transform most windows into a mini-greenhouse, but kitchen greenhouse windows are the most …

Build A Portable Greenhouse Using Two Methods

date 06 Oct 2009 | category Portable Greenhouse

If an individual, who enjoys gardening or fresh produce, wishes to prolong the growing season or get an early start on the growing season they may wish to utilize a greenhouse.  A  greenhouse is a sheltering unit that controls the …

Selecting The Right Portable Greenhouse Heater

date 04 Oct 2009 | category Portable Greenhouse

For an individual who enjoys gardening or growing their own crops, the end of the fall season and the winter season can be a difficult time.  This is because during this time of the year it is difficult to cultivate …

Before Buying A Portable Garden Greenhouse

date 03 Oct 2009 | category Portable Greenhouse

Generally, the growing season for plants and crops is from the Spring time through the Fall.  However, if individuals wish to extend the growing season they may wish to invest in a structure that will allow this to happen.

That particular …